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Website Security 

A website is only as secure as it is kept.

Website Security is any action that is taken to keep out intruders and malicious elements from your website. This includes the more severe forms of threats such as brute-force break-ins on your website and the milder annoying spam that can riddle anyone unwary online. 

We offer simple solutions.
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Security Pro Plugin

With our websites we recommend and offer the Security Pro Plugin as part of our Power Package Plugins. 
Our Security Pro Plugin keeps hostile elements out and regularly scan and eliminate threats it detects. You are alerted to any suspicious codes or elements that show up and can rest assured there is someone keeping an eye on your website.


With the Security Pro Plugin we are alerted by notification 24/7 if there is any attempted intrusions or threats happening, so that they can be handled asap.
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Monthly Report

As part of the Power Package you get a monthly report with an overview of your website. Part of this is an overview on the website security and any unhandled issues. 

This keeps you in the loop and knowing what is happening to your website, and assured nothing is left unhandled. 

Search Ranking

As an added benefit - having a secure website that is safe for visitors, is a plus-point in the eyes of search engines such as Google etc. 

Which means it plays a role in getting your website ranking well and being a search result Google is willing to show. 
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