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We will get you set up with your own Google Ads Account and running. 
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Google Ads
Google Ads is a powerful tool to get your business buzzing from the get-go. 
We offer to set-up your account and campaigns based on the best keywords for your business. Whereafter you can opt to take over running it yourself or have us take care of it monthly for you.

How does it work?

Google Ads is a service offered by Google, where you can pay for your ads to appear when people are searching on Google. 

The game is naturally to get you as close to the top of the searches & showing up to the right and relevant people. It is of little use if your ads show up when someone searches for "Cake Recipes" - if you are selling shoes. This is where having the right keywords researched and added to your campaigns - so that the correct crowd is reached. 

This done successfully results in a higher rate of coversions - meaning the clicks on your ads leading to and being converted into something you want them to do, f.ex buying a product, signing up for a newsletter or calling your office. 

With everything set up and keywords added, you decide on a daily budget and it goes live. This way you don't exceed what you are willing to invest daily in getting clicks on your ads, and you can stop, change or pause any campaign from one day to another. 

Where we run your Google Campaign, we keep you updated weekly or monthly - and you get an overview of what is happening and what the results are.
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