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We help you keep your finger on the pulse of your website with  our analytics.
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With our Analytics Pro Plugin every visit of potential clients  to your website is tracked and logged. 
This is advantageous for any business or freelancer to know what actions drives in traffic. 

With our Monthly Reports you get a good overview of what drives your traffic.

It's in the details..

Understanding your visitors  and improving your traffic is all in the details. In your Monthly Report as part of the Analytics Pro Plugin you get an overview of:
Number of page-views for each webpage you have.
Number of unique visitors to your website
How long each visitor stayed and on what page
How much each page drove in traffic
Your bounce rate ie who visited but left w/o action.

Knowing your audience..

Knowing your audience is worth gold - and that holds true in the online world. 

The more you know of what is driving traffic to your site, and what is being looked at and what is being done - you can consistently improve and improve towards optimal traffic. 

Let's say you find out the page with Product B is generating the majority of traffic - you can build on that and add more content relating to Product B - knowing that it drives in traffic.
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TAC Analytics Pro

Analytics Pro

Analytics Pro Plugin is part of the 8 Power Package Plugins.

Combined with the other 7 plugins - you have a well-rounded overview every of every month and able to make educated decisions on what should be done next.
No more standing in dark, taking someones word for it. Here we make sure you get the facts, the numbers and know what's going on.

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