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We will set up your SEO - maintain it and take the mystery out of it.
We get you rolling by getting your website optimized for search engines, as well as give you a fair estimate of where you are potentially missing out in the game. 
We aim to make it simple for you.
With our system of monthly reports and analytics you keep an overview. 
Search Engine Optimization is a big game, with many options for take advantage of. 
We would like to give you the chance not to miss out.
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First - what is SEO?

SEO stands for Seach Engine Optimization.
That means that SEO is a wide subject, which includes everything one can do to improve your website so that it ranks better in search engines such as Google or Bing. 
The term gets thrown around haphazardly and most don't know what they are paying for when they hire someone to 'do the SEO'.
Let's break it down into three rough categories:
what is seo
seo content


This is - again - a wider subject, but simply put this is the content on your site. This is the reason it is always recommended you have at least 300 words of copy describing your product pr. webpage

Search Engines always try to give the best and most relevant results - and so it is important that the content of your webpages have the keywords that will make your site show up when searched for.

2. Technical SEO

Next let's draw an arbitrary line and here we have such things as website speed, mobile-friendliness, responsiveness, how the site is built up, how the data is structured, how easily the website data is scanned by search engines, how readable the website is, how it is indexed and how safe and secure it is. 
All these are points in the search engine ledger and they judge you by it - so they influence your websites ranking. 
code and seo
your online presence 3

3. Off-Site SEO

And last but not least let's make a third category of what we call off-site seo. Meaning what does the rest of the online world say about you? 
How many websites link back to yours?
How many others are talking about your website online? 
Search Engines take this into account, it being a measure of how likely it is that your website is relevent to people searching. 

In conclusion..

There are several aspects to real good SEO.

We offer a holistic SEO service, taking all three areas into account and boosting your ranking. 
This is offered in conjunction with our Power Package Plugins which combined with our general service, packs quite a punch.
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