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The Hiraeth Series

Hiraeth series

Strap yourself into your seat and brace for impact! Space is not the lonely void which humanity long considered itself the sole proprietor of. It’s vastness simply gave the illusion of solitude – a solitude now broken and with it the Earth we knew.

Jarez takes you on a trail-blazing skinny-dipping trip into the black of space – armed with nothing but a grain of hope and his wits – to save what little remains of his home.

Series Genre: Science-Fiction

Language: English

Author: Amadeus Bjorklund

Available on: iBooks.

EPISODE ONE of the Hiraeth, the adventurous sci-fi series, hits the ground running from page 1 and tosses you into the fray of drawn-out war, carried on by the weary. Humanity has lost their own planet and only a few rebels are still resisting the humanoid alien intruder, who with their superior technology, have colonized the planet. Jarez, an Earthling and rebel, defies even the concept of death in order to save what is left of humanity. Join us in this epic adventure, this is your invitation and Episode One is your shuttle through the universe that lies just behind its covers.

Tap the book and lets begin.

EPISODE TWO takes us so far out into the abyss of space that Earth is but a mere speckle on the night-sky and yet it is here our hero stands with the last strains of hope for planet Earth and challenges so odd that it could only be something life itself cooked up. If you have completed Episode One – don’t leave our hero alone out in the middle of space – keep him company in Episode Two.

Tap the cover and get your copy.