“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is “What are you doing for others?”

Martin Luther King Jr.

2020 has not been an idle year so far, it has brought us, amongst other things: murder hornets, a flue that shut-down the world, the government suddenly acknowledging sightings of UFO’s and the establishment of a Space Force. This might as well be a quirky adventure written by some author who had had one too many energy-drinks, but nah, this is real-life.

Whatever your feelings about the whole thing, there is one thing that still rings true, and that is the words by Martin Luther King Jr. There may be a lot of confusion and daily routines tossed upside-down in and out of lock-down – but one thing that was and still is true, is that what you can do for others, is a vital part of life.

No matter what happens around us, if we keep our faith in each other and regard each other as deserving of help, we can’t go very wrong. A society can only really go side-ways when the individual goes astray and no longer has the courage or sense to stand up for his fellows in time of challenge.

So in the words of Michael Jackson, “If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself, and make a change..”. Here is a challenge for you!

Get a scrap of paper, preferably one which is blank – got it? Good! Now get a pen or pencil, preferably one that is sharpened or has some ink left in it – got it? Alright! Now find a spot where you will not be disturbed or interrupted.. Found one? Okay, that’ll do. Here comes the assignment! Make a list down the page of people you know, friends, family, co-workers – put down as many as you can fit on the page. Come back to this article once you have them jotted down.

Good! That was fast, all things considered. Now simply go down the list and mark beside the names one thing that YOU would like to do for them – one thing that you could do that you know would help them. Some can be as simple as calling someone and letting them talk without interrupting them. Don’t underestimate what a simple act can do – even just remembering to smile at someone can brighten their day. Take your time to do this step of the assignment – really work yourself down the list, then come back to this article again.

Good! Now that you have done that – you simple choose one person on the list to start with and circle their name. When you have done what you wrote for that individual, you mark it by putting a little smiley beside their name.

Here are the rules:

1. Do not get bogged down on one action if it is not immediately possible, take the next individual and come back to it later.

2. You are allowed to help more than one person per day.

3. Do not request anything in return.

4. Do not require any acknowledgment from the person to know that you have done something good. Just help because you want to, this is not the time to chase Likes.

5. When you achieve completion of your first list, make sure you sit down and make a new one, with the same or different names. Having completed the first list you have achieved the level of 1st Good Life – time to earn your second stripe for 2nd Good Life!

6. Remember to add your own name to the list every now and then.

That’s all there is to it!

Keep it up and share the link to this article with anyone you would like to see smile and enjoy the true Good Life.

Stay chipper!


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